JEPO Training

December 16th to 18th 2020, the Personnel Department (PD) collaborated with the PwC to facilitate job analysis training sessions. This involved an initial twenty-seven (27) Job Analysts being trained with the required skills to prepare job descriptions to drive the successful execution of the required analysis of the 1,653 positions to be reviewed during the job evaluation exercise.

Chief Personnel Officer, Cdr. Dr. Daryl Dindial and Ms. Margaret Kistow, founder of the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home

On December 16th 2020, Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial, was on hand to formally hand over several boxes of food, essential items and  toys as the Personnel Department showed its generosity and goodwill to the Margaret Kistow - Children’s Home in Malabar, Arima,  through the CPO’s Adopt-A-Home Initiative.

‘Team CPO’ united, under one cause and gave support to Ms. Kistow who has been described as a kind-hearted soul, and has tirelessly given some thirty-four (34) years of her life towards taking care of the many children that are sent to her home from the Court and other agencies as she continues to look after the welfare of the nations’ children.

Conversations with the CPO – Driving Progress through Dialogue

In an ongoing attempt to create a work environment that is goal oriented and focused as well as honest and open to dialogue, Chief Personnel Officer, Cdr. Dr. Daryl Dindial met with staff from the Job Evaluation and Project Office (JEPO) on Tuesday 10th, November 2020 to discuss the ongoing Cabinet-approved Civil Service Job Evaluation Exercise and expressed his expectations for this very critical exercise and its impact on the pubic sector.

The team was reminded of their role in ensuring the strategies and plans outlined for the initial stages of the project are implemented successfully, given the project is targeted to bring about significant benefits to all public servants as well as to the overall efficiency and productivity of the wider public service.

On November 13th, 2020, the Chief Personnel Officer, Cdr. Dr. Daryl Dindial took the opportunity to introduce himself to PD’s On the Job Trainees (OJTs) from the Ministry of Labour’s OJT programme, who recently joined the Personnel Department (PD).

The CPO welcomed the young professionals to the Department, and delightfully shared a few memories from his experience as a former OJT at the Personnel Department (PD). Dr. Dindial  encouraged them to not see themselves as just OJT’s, but as young professionals who are here to contribute and to increase their experience level by performing at their highest potential, while not being afraid of failure.

'Team CPO' Staff receive commendation

Ms. Bethel John (Director-HRPP&R) along with Ms. Jenny Singh (Research Officer II - HRPP&R Division), Ms. Suzanne Ali (HRA III - HRMS Division) and Ms. Papoonsingh (Legal Officer I - Legal Services Division), were commended by the former Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development, Senator the Honourable Jennifer Baptiste-Primus, for their participation in a one-day Tripartite Working Group seesion on July 13th, 2020, geared towards reforming Labour Legislation and Consultations.

CPO meets with Public Service Association (PSA)

CPO Signs PWC Contract for Job Evaluation Exercise

The Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Daryl Dindial, wishes to advise that the Personnel Department has received Cabinet approval for the conduct of a Job Evaluation and Compensation Exercise for offices in the Civil Service, including the Tobago House of Assembly and Statutory Authorities, subject to the Statutory Authorities Act, Chapter 24:01.

PricewaterhouseCoopers 'PWC' Limited, was selected through an open tendering process and will provide Consultancy Services for the Exercise that is expected to commence in July 2020 for a period of twenty-four '24' months.

In keeping with the Government's Vision 2030 Developmental Theme of 'Promoting Good Governance and service excellence', the central objective of this project is the installation of a modern Job Evaluation and Compensation System in the Civil Service.

This is aimed at advancing a technology-enabled Job Evaluation and Compensation System, which would include appropriate compensation structures to ensure equity, address any anomalies, reflect the relative worth of all offices and be relevant to the present adn future needs of the Civil Service. 

Personnel Department Supports The Development Of Senior Public Officers

On  August 23rd and September 20th, 2019, Officers from the Legal Services Division, Benefits Management Division, Compensation Management Division along with the Contracts Unit of the PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT made featured contributions at a ‘Capacity Building Initiative’ hosted by the Ministry of Public Administration, which was held in the Ministry of Education building, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain.

This initiative was aimed at assisting senior public officers in developing the competencies and skills required for leadership roles in the Public Service as well as to enable them to work more effectively with the Personnel Department and the Service Commissions Department.

The sessions involved senior public servants from across the service (Range 60 and above) receiving  information related to the role of the Personnel Department and included lively interactive sessions, which featured  discussions on the importance of job descriptions, job evaluations methodologies, contract employment and its evolution.

Compensation Management Division: Job Description Writing For Public Officers

On Wednesday 17th April 2019, a team from our Compensation Management Division joined forces with the Ministry of Public Administration’s Public Service Academy to deliver a presentation on ‘Job Description Writing for Contract Positions’ at the Old Fire Station, corner Hart & Abercromby Streets.

This presentation was part of a larger three-day training session on the ‘Requirements for Organizational Design in the Public Service’ which targeted Senior Managers, Human Resource Personnel and other professionals involved in drafting Cabinet Notes for staffing/structure for their respective Ministry/Department. The participating Ministries included: Tourism, Rural Development & Local Government, Works & Transport, Planning & Development and Community Development, Culture & Arts.

Throughout these interactive sessions, our expert staff shared information on the structure, content and purpose of Job Descriptions and offered useful tips on writing impeccable ‘Job Descriptions'.

'Team CPO Shows its heart' Severe Flooding Across Trinidad And Tobago 2018

Image removed.In keeping with the outpouring of goodwill across the country in the aftermath of the disastrous floods in October 2018, the Special Events Committee (S.E.C.) tapped into the generosity of ‘Team’ members from across the Department to collect donated household and food items to benefit the members of staff who were affected by the severe floods. These were packaged and ready for delivery to the affected staff members within December 2018, with the last of the hampers being handed over on January 11th 2019.

This employee-focused initiative was coordinated by the CPO’s Special Events Committee, whose hardworking members ensured that all the required household and food items were collected from the respective Divisions and Units. This was an occasion when the deep heart of due care and concern of the Department’s employees were made quite evident in the generous outpouring of items received and packaged for delivery to those in dire need.

Keep it up… ‘team cpo’ family!

Customer Service Training for 'Team CPO'

Dr. Roland Baptiste (a former CPO between 1987 – 1994) hosted a two day training Workshop (November 1st – 2nd, 2018) under the theme: “Shaping the society you serveat the 1st Floor Conference Room, Park Plaza, St. Vincent Street, PO.S.

As commissioned by the Ministry of Public Administration these sessions have been taking place across the public
sector since August 2017. The aim was to reach 10,000 public sector employees by delivering the programme and training others to facilitate it.

All employees are targeted to be exposed to the training, however, for this initial phase it was rolled out to
secretarial, clerical, manipulative staff as well as Human Resource Officers. The eighteen (18) participants were
exposed to practical information that saw them tackling relevant questions during their group discussion sessions as well watching related videos with their reasoned findings being presented at the end.

Notably, the ‘Customer Service’ training also utilized ‘role playing ‘sessions and other creative exercises to showcase both ‘poor’ and ‘positive’ customer service practices based on the content creatively exposed to the participants.